How To Fix Phone Not Turning On

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One of the most useful items that we have nowadays is our mobile phones. It keeps us connected with our family, friends, and co-workers no matter where we are. Because of that, it’s devastating if it stops working or wouldn’t turn on at worst. We can’t call, browse the web, check our social media accounts or watch videos online.

This phone issue can happen any time of the day, whatever circumstances you have. If you encounter these issues, it is better to check some tips to help you identify the culprit behind the malfunctioning of your phone.

Why won’t my phone turn on or charge?

There are a couple of reasons why your phone isn’t turning on. These reasons range from software issues to battery failure at the least.

Drained battery – one reason for a phone being unresponsive is due to a dead battery.

Physical or water damage – you may have unintentionally dropped your phone in a sink. Did you know that even a small amount of liquid going into your phone can cause irreversible damage? Meanwhile, dropping your phone on a hard surface also causes internal damage despite not having external breaks or cracks.

Glitch on the software – if you see your phone with a black screen or it just wouldn’t turn on, your phone might be having some software issues. These instances are similar to iPhone and Android devices. There are certain apps that affect the performance of your phone as it crashes down or performs system updates.

How to fix the phone not turning on?

The reasons mentioned above might be the reason why your phone is malfunctioning. In this case, have some quick fixes so you can start using your phone right away.

Restart your phone – there are a lot of problems on your phone that can be resolved by restarting it. You can restart your device in a normal way or force it to restart.

Charge the phone – for a drained phone’s battery, the most obvious thing to do is to plug in your mobile phone for about 15 to 25 minutes. Connect your phone to its charger and wait until the battery symbol becomes visible on the screen. Don’t turn it on immediately. Wait for a couple of minutes until your phone starts to gain enough energy.

Turn on safe mode – nowadays, mobile phones are more advanced compared to the olden days. Most phones are now sold with a safe mode feature that disables third-party apps from causing issues.

Check for physical damage – if you have recently dropped your phone, you will see damage or cracks on the screen. Try checking it under a light to have a clearer view of the screen.

Fix Phone Not Turning On

How do you know if your battery is damaged?

Over time, you will start to notice that your battery life isn’t as good as before. Even the best smartphones with the most expensive prices still experience this. One of the most frustrating parts is your battery not holding long enough amidst a hectic day. It just dies off and you need to charge it again to give some juice. These are the signs that your battery is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new one.

You are always dying – the best way to tell if a phone battery is damaged is by the number of times to charge within the day. With normal activities on your phone, your phone’s battery can last up to one day. However, if you are starting to recharge your phone in the middle of the day or more than once a day, be wary. Your phone’s battery may need a replacement.

Your phone is old – most phones nowadays can show you the number of times you’ve changed it since the first time you bought the phone. The normal charging cycle is around 300-500. If it goes more than that, it indicates that your phone battery is starting to wear off.

Charging cycles don’t get the phone fully charged – another good sign that your battery is wearing off is its inability to get fully charged despite the typical charging cycle.The phone’s battery gets too hot – whenever you run some apps, have you noticed your phone getting too hot? If so, this indicates that your battery is starting to degrade and may need replacement as soon as possible. Remember that overheating can cause internal damage to your phone or a possible explosion. Be wary of these signs.

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