How To Quickly Drain Cellphone Battery?

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There are different reasons why you may want to drain your phone’s battery. To some users, they may want to test how long it takes to fully charge their phone from 0%. Others are also draining their batteries because they want to store them. Cell Phones with lithium-ion batteries need to be drained because storing a full battery cell phone could lower the phone’s overall storage capacity. Another reason to drain the battery is for app testing. There are apps that can only perform a certain action once the battery is lowered or drained.

Throughout the day, as you use your phone, your battery level starts to go down, especially if you are using it constantly. Running apps, video calling, and playing with your phone easily decreases your battery level. This is normal. There are other reasons why your cellphone’s battery easily drains.


When the brightness of your phone is set to 100%, your battery level will lower compared to if it is set to 50%. Also, if your phone’s screen is always on and you never let it sleep, your battery level will also decrease easily. To avoid getting a low battery, you must lower your screen brightness and put it to sleep when you don’t need to use it. Almost all mobile phones nowadays also have the automatic option of lowering your screen brightness according to the lighting in your surroundings. It can also sleep on its own if you set the sleep option in the settings.

Wi-Fi and Mobile Data

If you always turn on your Wi-Fi and mobile data, expect that your battery level will lower fast. Getting connected to the internet allows the applications installed on your phone to perform constant updates. As you have noticed, when you are connected to the internet, you receive constant notifications from your apps and this doesn’t just consume mobile data but also consumes your battery life.

Playing a Game

Another way to drain your battery level is by playing a game. When you play a game, especially if it’s a high definition or 3D game, it drains your battery fast. When you play continuously for hours, you will notice that your phone will start to heat up. Then, you will notice your battery decreasing rapidly. One of the best battery-sucking games on your mobile is PUBG. This is particularly true if you hit the volume to the highest level and the screen brightness to 100%. With this combination, your phone’s battery may die even before you finish the game.

Playing Videos and Sounds

If you constantly use the YouTube app, you will most likely have to charge your phone many times a day. With 100% screen brightness and the maximum volume of your phone, your battery will drain faster.

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How to intentionally drain the mobile battery quickly

Currently, there are a couple of apps available on Google Play and App Store that you can download to quickly drain the battery of your mobile phone. Some of these apps include Fast Discharge and Your Battery Drainer. They both have a 4-star rating on the App Store and Google Play Store. Just to be clear, these apps won’t do some magic.

With these apps, you will choose your preferred action as to how you want your phone to perform the draining process. You may choose to turn on your Bluetooth, Vibration, flashlight, background video play, and more.

Why is my phone battery dying so fast and how to fix

There are different reasons why your phone’s battery is dying more frequently compared to other phones. This might be attributed to the screen brightness of your phone, the constant use of 3D and high definition apps, the use of Wi-Fi and mobile data and so much more. If you want to make your battery level last long, see to it that your screen brightness is at its minimum or you can set it to automatic so it will adjust the brightness based on the lighting around you.

If you are not using the Internet, it would be better if your turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data to help save battery. For the mobile apps installed on your phone, also close them after use and avoid minimizing them in the background. It will still run and consume the battery.

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