Why My Phone Brightness Keeps on Changing?

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Have you ever been so annoyed with your phone automatically dimming even though your auto-brightness is turned off? Have you asked the question, “why my phone brightness keeps changing?” There are a lot of reasons for these occurrences. Most of the time, the auto-brightness in your phone is the culprit. This feature can be found in almost all smartphones nowadays. The auto-brightness is capable of adjusting the phone’s screen depending on the lighting in your surroundings.

During the nighttime, when the auto-brightness in your phone is turned on, your display will appear darker to adjust your eyes and for you not to get blinded by your screen’s brightness. But if you are outside, under the heat of the sun, the auto-brightness will also make your phone bright so you can still see your screen even when the heat of the sun is too bright.

Auto-brightness is very helpful and considered a special feature for any iPhone or Android device. But if you do not like it, turning off the auto-brightness is as easy as turning it on. For iPhone users, you simply have to toggle to the Settings then Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Auto-Brightness. After doing so, your screen will go back to its default screen brightness settings and you will have to adjust it from time to time to cater to the brightness that you want to have.

Why does my brightness keep changing even though auto-brightness is off on my iPhone?

Did you know that the auto-brightness on your phone actually affects your overall phone battery life? Of course, if you choose to leave your phone on maximum brightness throughout the day, your battery will most likely drain faster compared to your phone’s brightness being on the minimum brightness.

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Night Shift is Turned On

There are also instances in which the phone’s brightness keeps on changing even though the auto-brightness is turned off. Don’t fret. You may have set it on Night Shift. Nightshift is a special feature of iPhones that when turned on, the iPhone’s display becomes warmer. This is helpful if you are having trouble sleeping at night. With the night shift feature turned on, there’s a higher chance of falling asleep a lot faster at night.

True Tone in Turned On

The true tone is another feature of your iPhone that may cause dimming even though the auto-brightness is turned off. This feature is capable of adapting the lighting conditions to your surroundings. In some cases, the iPhone display may adapt to a dimmer screen.

Low Power Mode is Turned On

With the Low Power Mode turned on, your iPhone will save more battery life and when it is turned on, it may reduce the screen brightness, dimming it automatically.

Still Dimming?

If your phone is still dimming even after turning off the Low Power Mode, Night Shift, and the Auto-Brightness, then most likely, the problem boils down to the hardware or software. Fortunately, there are a few steps that you can follow to troubleshoot your dimming phone.

How do I stop my phone brightness from changing by itself?

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For minor software problems, you can fix them by restarting your phone. You can also update your phone if there is newer software available.

If your phone’s auto-brightness is turned on, you can go to settings > accessibility > display & text size. Next to it is the Auto-brightness. Just toggle the switch to turn it off.

If your phone’s night shift is turned on, you can go to setting > display & brightness > then Night Shift. Tap the switch. If you have scheduled a Night Shift, you can turn it off so it won’t dim your phone during certain times of the day.

If the True Tone is turned on, you can tap settings > then display & brightness. Tap the switch and this feature will be turned off.

Lastly, if the low-power mode is turned on, going to the settings then battery and Low Power Mode will resolve this issue.

Why Does My Screen Keep Dimming

There are certain things that might have caused your screen to constantly dim. You might have turned on your auto-brightness setting or you are in a Low Power Mode, True Tone Mode, and Night Shift Mode. Other than that, there might be issues with your hardware or software. 

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