How To Stop Phone From Overheating

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Have you tried playing games on your phone or merely browsing the net and your phone gets too hot you start to get scared of even touching it? For once, it’s important to know that when there is energy, there’s also heat. As you turn on your phone, billions of electrons do their part in powering up your computer circuits to enable the device’s apps, camera, games, and calls to function. All these actions trigger your phone to create heat. Some of the major drawbacks of your phone overheating are;

  • Fast draining of battery
  • Reduce in performance
  • The shorter life span of your device
  • Possible melting of the central processing unit (CPU)
  • Explosion (worst-case scenario)

Aside from a faulty battery, there are several issues that cause your phone to heat up. If you usually use your phone to watch movies and play games for a long period of time, don’t get too surprised if it starts to get hot as these activities are too heavy on your phone’s battery, thus resulting in heat building up. Moreover, if you are charging while playing games on your phone, that’s another reason for your phone to heat up. These activities also reduce the performance of your battery and the lifespan of your phone.

Another cause of overheating is when your phone is running too many apps at once. There are times when you just minimize the app after using it, thinking that it won’t affect the battery level. This is very wrong. When apps are running in the background, it still needs energy. Updating the apps on your phone on a timely basis is also important.

Is the Wi-Fi or data connection on your phone always turned on even when you’re not using it? In this case, you are not just wasting your battery but also damaging your phone’s CPU. When these things are not turned off, it will heat up your phone which could cause major damage to the phone’s hardware. Also, if you are exposed to direct sunlight, your phone’s temperature will easily rise.

How can I cool my phone?

Now that you’ve known the major culprit of overheating, it’s time to know how to stop it from happening every time you use your phone.

  1. When you are exposed to sunlight, your phone heats up easily. Therefore, to avoid overheating, you must also avoid using your phone when under direct sunlight. When your phone catches heat, it becomes hotter. Therefore, it’s necessary to avoid getting exposed to direct sunlight as much as possible.
  2. Another thing on your phone is the apps. Most of the time, after using an application, you just minimize it and the application is still running in the background. Unused apps still consume energy, thus, your phone still heats up. The best thing to do is to close the app entirely to save some battery and keep your phone from overheating.
  3. Keep your screen brightness at a low level. Turning on your screen brightness too high will not just drain your battery but will also overheat your phone.
  4. Use airplane mode even when you’re not on a plane. Using airplane mode sets your phone to basic functions and turns off non-essential things that are too heavy on your phone’s battery.
  5. Take off your case if you feel like your phone’s starting to build up heat. This will surely help.
Stop Phone From Overheating

Is it safe to put the phone in the fridge?

If your phone is starting to overheat, do not think of putting it inside the fridge. Although the fridge is the coolest place you can take your phone to lower its temperature, a huge swing of temperature can actually damage your phone. When it gets into a drastic change in temperature, moisture is built up and this moisture can create irreversible damage to your phone.

How can I keep my phone cool while gaming?

No gamer would want to ruin their gameplay because of an overheating phone. Therefore, if you want to avoid these circumstances from happening, try these things;

  • Clear your phone’s RAM
  • Lower your screen brightness
  • Avoid playing under direct sunlight
  • Uninstall fake cooling apps
  • Remove your phone’s casing
  • Play under good ventilation
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