How To Fix Phone Submerged In Water

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Have you experienced dropping your precious phone in the water? What have you done to fix it? Have you succeeded in your DIY fixing? Getting your phone submerged in water is just devastating. Just imagine all those important documents, videos, and photos stored in your phone that you may not able to retrieve. These accidents can happen anytime. In this case, you must be aware of the things that you need to do and the things that you should avoid once your phone gets submerged in the water.

Protect Your Phone

As they say, prevention is better than cure. If you are planning to go to the beach, it is best to buy a protective covering for your phone like a waterproof phone pouch. A waterproof phone is expensive and not everyone can afford them. In this case, if you think that your phone cannot withstand it in case it falls down into the water, make sure to protect it with a waterproof phone pouch.

Turn it Off Immediately

During emergencies, it’s so hard to remain calm. However, you must remember that when your phone gets submerged in the water, the first thing that you have to do is to turn it off. When you turn off your device, you are protecting it from further damage while the electronics inside are still running.

Dry The Exterior Of Your Phone

After getting your phone out of the water, you have to get rid of all the excess water, particularly on its exterior area. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to do this.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner will be very useful in removing excess water from hard-to-reach areas. They are effective in sucking out the water to keep it from damaging other areas of your phone.

Wait For It To Dry Completely

The hardest part now is the waiting game. It takes several days for your phone mobile to completely dry out. If you don’t have an extra phone, you might get tempted to try and turn on your phone. That isn’t a very good idea. You may want to dry your phone by leaving it on a counter or a drawer. However, it wouldn’t hurt if you give it an extra push by placing it next to a window so that the moving air can blow off the water inside your phone.

Fix Phone Submerged In Water

How long does it take to dry a phone in rice?

Another trick to dry your phone after getting submerged in the water is by using uncooked rice. In a container, fill it with uncooked rice, making sure that your phone will get surrounded by it completely. Typically, you must keep your phone in the container with rice for 48 hours or more. However, if you think that it’s too long, you can just leave it overnight. But the longer, the better.

After you take out your phone from the container with rice, check the small sockets and charging phones if there are small particles stuck on them. Avoid using metal when removing small particles and only use a toothpick. Rice is considered a good option to remove excess water from a phone because it absorbs humidity, making the environment of the phone drier, thus, drying your phone.

How can I dry my phone without rice?

If you don’t want to use rice to dry out your phone, you can opt for other methods mentioned above. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove excess water or keep it near a window where there is a good circulation of air. Putting your phone next to a fan will help in drying it out.

Can you dry a phone with a hairdryer?

Although a hairdryer is great for drying out your hair, drying your phone using it is debatable. The hot air coming from the dryer might be dangerous to your phone. Too much heat could melt away small parts of your phone which could lead to more serious damage. However, if you are just going to dry the exterior of your phone, you can use a dryer just for a short period of time.

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