Will iMessage Say Delivered If Phone is Off?

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iMessage is a great instant messaging service developed by Apple. It was launched in 2011 with functions exclusive for iOS devices, macOS, watchOS, and iPadOS. The main features of iMessage, which can be utilized by all supported platforms, are sending text messages, videos, documents, and images. It has end-to-end encryption, meaning only the sender and the recipient can read the messages. iMessage can also send location data as well as stickers. There are also third-party developers that can extend the capabilities of iMessage with custom extensions, including the quick sharing of the phone’s most recently played songs.

A lot of users are still confused about some iMessage features. Will iMessage say ‘delivered’ if the phone is off? Ideally, if the phone of the recipient is turned off, iMessage won’t make the message as delivered. However, there are also instances in which your message gets marked as delivered. Check it out here;

Will iMessage say delivered if the phone is off?

There are some requirements that need to be met before your message gets marked as delivered.

  • The Apple device has to be turned on.
  • The iMessage in the Apple device needs to be enabled first.
  • The Apple device needs to have a Wi-Fi or data connection.

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Without these requirements, your iMessage won’t be delivered to your recipient and will only be sent as a normal SMS if the “Send as an SMS” option is enabled. However, the message will only be marked as delivered if the recipient is online, otherwise, it will be stored at the servers of Apple for 30 days.

With iMessage, the sent messages of the user are found on the right side of the app while the replies are all aligned to the left. Just like in Facebook, the user can also see if the other user is writing a reply because of the gray ellipsis that appears whenever the user from the other end is typing a message.

Will iMessages Deliver To A Dead Phone or iPhone?

There are also instances in which the Apple user has multiple devices like MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch, iMac, and iPod. If this is the case, although your phone is turned off, the iMessage will still be marked if it is delivered to the sender because of the other iOS devices that he is signed in to.

For instance, you have a MacBook Pro setup with iMessage. If there is someone who sends the message on iMessage, you will receive the message on your Mac andd iPhone devices. Even if your iPhone is turned off because it doesn’t have a battery, it will still be delivered to your MacBook.

That may cause confusion on the sender’s end. He might be thinking that the recipient already received the message because it was marked as delivered when in fact, the phone is out of battery for a couple of hours. There might be instances in which the sender would think that he was blocked by the recipient.

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What Happens When You Send An iMessage To A Dead Phone?

There will be instances in which your phone goes out of power. If you have power banks, you will be saved. But if you don’t, calls and messages will not reach you until your phone gains power once again. As for iMessage, if the phone is dead and does not have power, the message you sent to the recipient will be stored on Apple’s server and it will stay there for 30 days. That’s pretty much a long time. For the iMessage to be delivered, the recipient needs to turn on his phone, enable the iMessage, and get connected to the internet, either through Wi-Fi or mobile data.

If the recipient’s phone is dead, iMessage will not mark your message as delivered. It will only do so if the power goes back again. However, if the recipient has activated iMessage into his other Apple devices, then the iMessage will be marked as delivered. That might cause a bit of confusion or the sender might think that the recipient blocked him.

Nonetheless, iMessage is quite useful, especially when sharing photos, videos, and contact information aside from sending text messages. This is a great alternative option for regular SMS mostly because of its added features.