How To Tell If Someone's Phone Is Off Or Dead?

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Having a dead-bat phone isn’t great at all. Mobile phones are quite useful nowadays. It can serve as a means to communicate with your loved ones anywhere they are. But you can’t do any of it if your battery is drained. If you are calling someone and they don’t answer or the call disconnects, you would assume that they are low in battery or it is totally drained.

How can I tell if I’m blocked or calling a dead phone?

There are certain indications that allow you to know whether the person you are calling has blocked you or his battery died.

When The Phone Rings Once But Gets Disconnected

Have you tried calling someone and after a few rings, the call gets disconnected? The most common indication that the phone battery died is when the phone rings once and gets disconnected afterward. You are then redirected to the answering machine or the voicemail. If you leave a message on the voicemail, the person you are calling will receive it after his phone turns on again.

But can you truly distinguish a dead phone’s battery from a rejected call? You can’t really do so because you will hear the same thing whether the person you are calling canceled your call or he is out of battery.

 A battery-low phone

When You Are Blocked

There is another reason if the phone rings once and turns off, you might have been blocked. If you are calling a person and he blocked you, the call will not get through and will only get redirected to the answering machine after a single ring. For this reason, you cannot assume that the phone of the person you are calling is out of battery. They might have blocked you before you called them.

Therefore, if you are expecting an important call or just don’t want to disappoint the person calling, you must know the reasons why phone calls get disconnected.

No Service

A ring once and you get redirected to the voicemail could also mean that the person you are calling has no service. If the phone doesn’t have a service, it won’t connect to the carrier and you cannot be reached by people who want to call you. You will appear like your phone has been turned off.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Just like the things you hear when the person you are calling has no service or is completely dead, they might have placed their phone in the Do Not Disturb mode. However, if they have turned on this mode, you can still contact them after the second try.

How to keep your phone battery from dying?

One of the basic things you can do to prolong the life of your battery is to lower the screen brightness. If the screen is too bright, it consumes a lot of battery and therefore, your battery gets easily drained. Another culprit to consider is the apps that you left open. There are notorious apps that drain your battery if they remain open in the background. Be mindful of these apps and other apps that you constantly use. Make a habit of closing these apps after you use them. After all, you can still get notifications if there are important happenings in the app.

Phones being charged

Because battery life is crucial to any mobile phone, there has been a wide range of battery-saving apps available nowadays. These apps help track the performance of your phone and check the apps that are the culprit to your fast battery discharge.

Wi-Fi connection that is always on also discharges your battery. The same goes for your data connection. If you are not using the internet and only need to receive calls and messages, you may turn them off before it drains your battery. Location services that are turned on also drain your battery. Using GPS is very convenient nowadays especially for pointing out the precise location of a certain area. But be wary, this feature is a sneaky battery-drainer. If you are not using the location service, it will be very helpful to turn it off before your phone turns off because of the low battery. Only use GPS when you highly need it. 

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