Why My Phone Touch Working Automatically

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Have you experienced this phenomenon in which your Android phone operates itself? It is frustrating and might sound unreal at times. Some users even think that this is worse than a physically broken cellphone screen. Most of the time, users experience this whenever they charge their phones. Your phone starts to operate on its own and responds to touches that you haven’t made. Then the screen starts to freeze. What just happened? Is it time to toss away your phone? Before anything else, you must know what causes this problem and the possible solution to it.

What is an Android ghost touch?

When your phone starts to act on its own, as if someone touched it, this problem is called Android ghost touch. Usually, this problem didn’t arise from the software. It may be because of your phone’s hardware or your screen.

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What Causes Android Ghost Touch Problem?

There are a couple of reasons why your phone is experiencing a Ghost Touch Problem. Knowing each one of them will let you perform the necessary solution to resolve this issue.

Poor charger or the charging cable – this is the most common reason that causes ghost touch on your phone. This problem usually occurs when charging and if so, your phone’s charger might be the culprit. There might be compatibility issues with your charger or it is just poorly made.

Faulty software updates – although very uncommon, this issue might somehow be the result of a faulty software update. Even a small code in your phone’s software can ultimately freeze parts of your screen. Sometimes, it also causes random touches.

Overheating or Cold Weather – it is important to keep your phone in a temperate environment for it to function properly. Ghost touch may be experienced if the phone is overheating or freezing. You might feel like the ghost touch isn’t that aggressive at all, but in the long run, it will ultimately affect your screen.

Bad Screen Protector – you purchase screen protection to keep your phone’s screen from breaking. However, if you purchase a bad screen protector, it will only result in a ghost touch problem. If the protector is not properly attached to the screen then the screen might be on its own. Additionally, if your protective cover presses too much on the screen, it will create too much pressure, thus, resulting in problems on your screen. When your phone cover is too tight, it overlaps your actual finger touch signal, therefore, it won’t get recognized correctly. If your screen protector has dirt or dust, this also happens.

Dirt on the Screen – your phone might malfunction if it has dirt or water droplets. It also causes a ghost touch problem. When these particles go into your phone, it conducts electricity which could create a disturbance on your screen. This causes an error on your phone.

How do I stop my Android phone from automatically touching the screen?

Whenever your phone screen malfunctions or you experience a ghost touch problem, the first thing you should do is to restart your phone. If the problem persists, follow these possible solutions.

Problem – Poor Charger or the Charging cable

Solution: Purchase a high-quality charger. This is especially true if you are experiencing a ghost touch problem when you are charging your phone. Make sure that you use a charger compatible with your phone.

Problem – Dirt on the Screen

Solution: Always keep your screen clean. There might be instances in which you touch your phone after holding something dirty. Although this cannot be avoided, the best thing you can do is to clean your phone with a cloth and disinfectant. Do not let that dirt linger on your phone for a long time. This might not just cause a ghost touch problem but the dirt might also clog those small openings of your phone.

Problem – Overheating or Cold Weather

Solution: When using your phone, always take a break from time to time. Overheating results in a lot of serious problems. It can even shorten the lifespan of your phone’s battery.

If the ghost touch problem persists after doing all the possible solutions then it might be time to bring your phone to authorized cell phone technicians. Maybe your phone needs professional help.

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