Why My Phone Hangs Up By Itself

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Compared to the older version of phones, smartphones that are widely used nowadays are more useful in doing daily tasks and entertainment. However, like any other thing, there’s a limit to its lifespan. Whenever your phone hangs, it is an indication that your phone has reached its limit. Other things that influence the processing of your tasks include the device’s ram, your usage, and the available storage space.

Sometimes referred to as phone crashes or phone freezing, phone hanging is a very common problem among smartphones. The hardware and software faults might be the reason for this alongside other possible reasons. Check them out here;

What Causes My Phone To Hang Up By Itself

Not Enough Ram

With a low ram phone, you won’t run multiple apps at the same time. It will surely lag and your progress will be compromised. In this case, if you are using a low ram phone, you must only use apps simultaneously and remember to close them properly after use.

Not Enough Storage

As you all know, there is a specific storage capacity in every smartphone. When you download huge videos, photos, and games, this storage gets filled up and your device starts to hang. Most likely, if you use 80% of your storage, you will experience lags on your phone.

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Downloading Malware Apps

Be wary when you download mobile apps from risky websites. These sources cannot be fully trusted since they might bring malware into your device. These viruses are harmful to your phone and can still run secretly in the background even though you already closed the app.

Phone’s Temperature is High

When you continuously use your mobile phone, you will start to feel an increase in the temperature. When this happens, your phone will start to lag. The normal temperature of your phone should only be around 35-38 degrees Celsius.

Obsolete Software

Most smartphones would alert you if there are new updates available for your phone. If you are prompted for an upgrade, don’t waste time because outdated software results in lags.

How can to solve phone hanging by itself

Clear Out Your Recent Data

There are apps on your phone that stores data. Over time, this data clogs your phone and takes some space on your ram. Free your phone memory as frequently as possible to reduce lag.

Uninstall Those Dubious Apps

Suspicious apps are applications that are not stored on your phone by default. They might be from websites that unknowingly install malware and virus into your phone. Beware of these apps since they could affect the performance of your device.

Don’t Forget To Use Antivirus Software

Antivirus is very effective in removing viruses and malware from your phone. Currently, there is a lot of antiviruses that are offered for free. They are also quite easy to use.

Don’t Download Heavy Games and Videos

When the ram of your phone is not too big, you must not install it with games that take a lot of space or are considered to be ‘heavy’. The tendency is, you won’t enjoy the game because your phone will hang and won’t move around.

Download and Install The Latest Software

If there are available software updates for your phone, see to it that you can install the software to fix bugs and lags.

Delete Less Important Files

Clean your phone from irrelevant files that aren’t that useful for you. This will also free your phone storage so it will run smoothly.

Acquire an External Memory

You might be using huge apps and storing a huge number of photos and videos on your phone. If your memory isn’t that big, you should consider buying an external memory where you can store your files seamlessly.

Why Does My Phone Automatically Hang Up After 8 Hours

When using your phone for longer hours, it gets too hot as the temperature rises so much. For iPhone users, when their phone’s temperature is too high, the phone automatically hangs and shuts down to allow your phone to cool down. After some time and the right temperature is reached, you can start using your phone again. After all, overheated phones can affect your motherboard and its overall performance. If possible, do not take long hours of calls and let your phone rest from time to time. 

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