Why My Phone Plays Music Randomly

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Playing some music on your phone is very common nowadays. There are streaming sites that offer the most comprehensive lists of songs that are perfect for your current mood. There are so many benefits of listening to music and this includes relaxation as well as improving your mood.

When you listen to music, your brain releases dopamine, also known as the ‘happy hormone’. If you notice people jogging in the morning, you will see them wearing headsets and playing some music. This is because music enhances your running performance. People who are also suffering from insomnia can also use music to induce sleep. Music helps you relax and therefore, gives you the chance to sleep better. Even when you are driving, listening to music is beneficial because it improves your mood and helps you concentrate more.

But what if your phone randomly plays music even without touching it? You are busy at work and you heard your phone playing some music? That will surely creep you out. Is there a ghost near you? No! That isn’t the case. Your phone actually has a virus that randomly plays music without you touching it. There is actually no specific name for such a virus but in most cases, this virus plays music in the background after you close your apps and lock your phone. This is creepy and annoying at times. In some cases, these instances could put you in an awkward situation.

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There are experts that don’t consider this virus ‘a virus’ because they are not too extreme or threatening. They are seeing it as a bug that is caused by software malfunction and your device starts to misbehave by playing random music. Another culprit behind this is the advertisement that is poorly executed. You might have accessed such websites recently. Paid advertisement like this have some kind of tool that automatically plays music at the start of their ad. If they are using a tool that isn’t very good, it could malfunction when you close the website and leave the music playing. All these things could occur anytime, even when you are in a class or having an important meeting. That’s too awkward, isn’t it?

How To Avoid Phone From Randomly Playing Music

If you want to avoid getting in such situations, you need to take action as soon as possible. The immediate action that you can do is to restart your phone. By turning off your phone, the music in the background will also stop. This is the fastest thing you can do before it disrupts your other activities.

After you finally have the time to check on your phone, it is necessary to install anti-virus software that will erase the current virus that randomly plays music on your phone and also protects your phone from future viruses. Because technology has become a crucial part of our everyday living, such protection is considered essential.

There are currently a lot of protection apps for viruses and malware that easily get into your phone. In a few minutes, it scans the phone and you will know whether it has a virus. Then it automatically deletes it to improve the performance of your phone.

How to Fix Random Audio Files Playing on Android 

Because random audio files playing on your android phone are mostly caused by a virus, the most appropriate thing to do is to install anti-virus software. This will not just keep you away from viruses that randomly play music but it also protects you from more threatening viruses and malware that is capable of stealing your personal information.

If you are looking for a quick fix, you may turn off your phone immediately. Although this isn’t a long-term solution, this will save you from embarrassment. It will only take a few minutes to do so.

Why Does My Phone Plays Music By Itself – Android

Sloppy advertisement tools and viruses are the main culprits. They are capable of randomly playing music any time, even in the most awkward situations. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you and install an antivirus. You never know, the recent download that you had contains that virus and it won’t be easily filtered if you are not using the right tools to remove it. 

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