Why My Phone Only Rings Once?

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Having a ringtone on your phone provides a lot of benefits. This short audio is pre-installed in your phone to notify you of messages and calls. You will hear your ringtone whenever there are incoming messages and calls. As technology is developed, ringtones have become more modern and exceptional. Now, you can customize your ringtones and use your favorite songs apart from the default ringtone which is originally found in your phone.  

However, there are instances in which your phone only rings once even though you still haven’t taken the call. This scenario is just so frustrating especially if the call is important and you failed to take it because it only rang once. You start to think, “What is wrong with my phone?” “Should I purchase a new one?” “How can I fix this?”

All these questions go running into your mind. But then, you should know that you don’t have to rush to buy a new phone. Your phone might be encountering minor errors and it can be easily fixed.

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Why Does My Phone Stop Ringing After One Ring?

In some cases, the main culprit for this is your ringtone itself. If you have noticed, there are a lot of default ringtones available on your phone. There are also different lengths in every ringtone. Most of the time, you will only choose a ringtone based on its rhythm and not on its duration. This is completely wrong. There are ringtones that are low in volume or it just rings once. If you notice your phone ringing only once, try to change your ringtone and see if the problem persists. There’s a good chance that it is only because of the ringtone especially if the problem happens with all your incoming calls.

Another reason for this is prank calls. Do you know the person who is calling you? If you don’t then there’s a huge chance that the call is just a prank call or the caller called the wrong number. If the person called the wrong number, you will know it after you answer the call. But if it’s a prank call, then there’s a reason to reprimand the caller.

Your phone will also ring once if the caller is in a low-service area. He might have tried calling you but lost the signal and the call was cut. This is only possible if the call got cut off only with some of your contacts and not every time there’s an incoming call.

With modern smartphones, there is also a feature in which any activities get cut off when the battery is at a critical level. Activities like calls and the use of your phone’s camera are just an example. You may want to check the settings of your phone just to make sure that the problem is related to the low battery issue.

Finally, if you have recently dropped your phone and it was damaged, you might have problems hearing your phone ring and if you do, it will only occur once or twice. If this happens, it is much better if you can consult a technician who can fix your phone.

Why Does My Phone Ring Once And Go To Voicemail?

It’s truly frustrating to see incoming calls on your phone that go straight to the voicemail after ringing once. Technically, the problem all boils down to the setting of your phone. But there’s actually nothing to worry about, the troubleshooting is quite easy, even for people who are not techy.

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How to Fix a Phone That Only Rings Once?

The first thing you can do is to turn off the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode on your phone. If this is turned on, the incoming calls automatically go to the voicemail so ‘It won’t disturb you.’ It just serves its purpose in case you are in an important meeting or at school.

What Does It Mean For Incoming Phone Calls Only Rings Once?

There are a couple of things that may influence your phone’s ringing capability. It can be because of blocked numbers, Do Not Disturb mode, Bluetooth connection, call forwarding, or your own SIM card. Whether accidentally turning on these features or you forgot to turn these features off, restoring your phone’s default setting is easy and sweat-free. 

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