If Someone's Phone Is Dead, Will It Say Delivered?

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The frustration of not receiving a reply from a very important text message is excruciating. Did he receive the message? Was the message delivered to the recipient? Is his phone battery low? Why isn’t he answering? All these questions come to mind and it is left unanswered until you receive the most anticipated reply. But to some people, it is normal to ask if the recipient was able to receive the message but chose not to reply or his phone battery is dead.

With modern phones nowadays, there is a feature that allows you to know whether the message was delivered to the recipient and if the recipient read the message. With Apple’s iMessage, it marks the message as ‘delivered’ if the message was sent to the recipient’s phone. However, there are instances in which the message won’t be marked as delivered due to some reasons.

Will the iMessage Appear in Blue Bubble If The Recipient’s Phone is Dead/Turned Off?

Your iPhone supports a free messaging app that can be used for iPhone to iPhone devices. Using this service is very convenient especially if you are sending group messages or simply a regular text message. There is a colored bubble in each message but this doesn’t indicate the status of the recipient’s side but how this message was sent, either as a regular text or iMessage. As you have noticed, there is a blue speech bubble in iMessages but this doesn’t determine the recipient of the message already received or read it.

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The Different Message Bubble Colors

In iMessage, the blue speech bubble means that you sent an encrypted message that can be sent and received from one Apple device to another Apple device. However, if the person you are sending the message with doesn’t have an Apple device, it will be transported as a regular SMS and it will be sent with a green speech bubble. These green speech bubbles mean that the message was sent as traditional SMS and was delivered to a non-Apple phone. When you receive the message, be it through regular text or iMessage, it will appear in gray speech bubbles.

If someone’s phone is dead will it say delivered?

Upon sending an iMessage, you will see the word ‘Delivered’ below the blue speech bubbles. This means that the message has been received by Apple’s servers but this does not mean that the recipient already saw your message. You must not freak out if it was marked delivered and you receive no reply. This is normal because Apple holds the message until the other iPhone user goes online. They will then deliver the message.

For error messages sent through iMessage, there might be a problem with the recipient’s phone number or address. Check if this information is correct and try sending the message again. If there’s ‘Not Delivered, try again?” message which appears in red, it means that the message didn’t reach the Apple servers.

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If someone’s phone is dead will it say delivered?

There are times when the recipient’s phone is turned off or dead. However, the recipient will still get your message once he goes online again. It will only be stored at Apple’s servers ready to be delivered by the time the recipient goes online. There is also a ‘Text Message Forwarding’ feature located at the iPhone’s settings. If this feature is activated, the iMessage will be sent to the recipient’s other Apple devices that are signed in the same account.

How to prevent phones from getting dead?

Saving the battery life of your phone is crucial especially if you constantly go out for work or for fun. Learning to save some battery life will keep you from the mishap of finding charging ports if you don’t have power banks. As much as possible, lower the brightness of your phone and close the apps in your background. These two things surely take a lot of your battery. If you are not using the app, don’t just minimize it because it will still consume energy since it is running in the background. If your phone is dead, important calls and messages can’t be received, therefore, you must be mindful in maximizing your phone’s battery life. 

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