How To Hold Mobile Phone While Talking?

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Someone is calling but you are in a tight position. You know that this call is important and you have to answer it before the ring stops. But how can you do it if you are walking on a busy road, with lots of people passing here and there?

Most mobile phones nowadays are designed to perfectly fit your hand. There are also other phones that allow a single button to answer an incoming call. Each one of these advancements aims to provide convenience in answering a call even anywhere you are.

But as they say, there is a perfect way to hold a phone when you are talking so the other person across the line can hear you clearly. Some people hold their phones near their mouths when they talk and others just place them near their ears which is considered a normal state.

If you are asking about how to hold a mobile phone while talking, the answer boils down to your comfort. Being comfortable when taking calls and talking is the best way to hold your phone. There are people who are comfortable just placing their phone near their ear and it is perfectly normal. Modern phones nowadays don’t require you to place your phone very near your mouth when talking because it has the ability to capture your voice and even filter outside noises.

Despite the modern technology that has been adopted by mobile phones nowadays, there are still people who are comfortable with using headsets and headphones just to be sure that each word is clearly rendered to the other person on the line. There is nothing wrong with this setup. What’s important is that you are comfortable with how you hold your mobile phone and it is safe on your hands. After all, you wouldn’t like it if your precious phone falls down while taking a call.

How to hold the phone correctly while answering a call?

Your comfort plays a significant role in knowing how to correctly answer a call. If you are at home, there’s nothing much to worry about. However, when you go outside and you try to answer a call, it might be a bit tricky.

The first thing you have to remember is to never put too much pressure on your fingers and hands when using the phone. Whether you’re lying on the bed, sitting, or standing.

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Why do people hold their phones a few inches in front of their face like a microphone when talking in public places?

Have you ever met someone in the office or on the street trying to talk to their phone while the device is in front of their face? Why do you think they do this? In this generation of mobile phones, it is almost impossible to see a smartphone that doesn’t capture your voice easily. More so, there are mobile devices that have noise-canceling features to filter the noise around you.

These people, maybe they have created a habit to talk with their phones in front of their faces. Another reason could be, their phone’s speaker is broken or they are in a very noisy environment. These instances are possible. What’s important is for the person from the other line to hear your words clearly and communicate as seamlessly as possible.

Why do some people insist on using their speakerphones when talking in public places?

It is very inappropriate to use a speakerphone when talking in a public place. Aside from the fact that you can disturb other people due to the noise coming from your phone, it is also possible that personal things from your conversation will be heard by other people. Think about how annoying it is to see someone peeking at your phone while you are texting or browsing social media.

However, there are people who really like to talk in public places with their speakerphones for a variety of reasons. One reason is that they may have difficulty hearing the other person’s voice or they have personal reasons for doing so. Nonetheless, as much as possible, you must try to avoid using your speakerphone while in public to avoid disturbing the people around you.

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