How To Get Sand Out of Phone?

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You are enjoying some time at the beach – curled up in a chair and sunbathing. You are having the best time of your life, feeling the breeze warming up your face. It’s the relaxation that you need after a week’s hectic schedule. Then you realize your brand new phone is gone. You start to panic only to see it lying in the sand. What’s the best thing to do?

How To Get Sand Out of Your Phone?

According to the statistics acquired by the Miami Herald, there are at least two smartphones that break every second. Sounds awful, right? Although your phone case can offer some protection from damage and breaking, it doesn’t really protect your precious device from small debris that might get into the small holes in your phone.

If you are thinking of going to the beach, most likely, your phone will be exposed to the sand. If this happens, you will have a hard time dealing with it. Plus, if sand gets into your phone, it will block those small holes like the holes allocated for your charger and your headset. Besides, there is also the wind which is a major concern. If you get lucky and your phone doesn’t fall into the sand, there’s still a possibility that the wind will blow sand into your phone or small debris carried by the wind will get into your phone. Just to be safe, you must take extra precautions to keep your phone safe while enjoying the beach.

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How To Protect Your Phone From Sand: Prevention And Removal?

Since almost everyone cannot live without their mobile phones, especially when going to other places aside from home and office, it is better if you take safety measures to keep your phones from getting damaged.

Wrap Your Mobile Phone With Plastic

This is a very easy and convenient measure – get an ordinary plastic and wrap your phone with it. You can take a couple of layers of cling wraps or see-through plastics which will serve as a barrier for unnecessary objects to get in your phone. Just make sure that you can still see the screen of your phone in case there are important messages and urgent calls/texts that may arrive.

Cover The Openings of Your Phone With Tape

If you are aiming to still have access to the screen of your phone, then it’s also good to be minimalist and just cover the openings of your phone with ordinary tape. Openings in your phone like the charging port and the headphone jack are the most common place where sand and other small particles get stuck. It will mess up your electronics. Therefore, you need to always put something to keep them protected.

Place It In A Ziplock Bag

Currently, there are a lot of plastic bags with zip locks designed for mobile phones. You can carry one at the beach. If you need to check your phone from time to time, this is a convenient option. Although a plastic bag isn’t foolproof, it can still be a great option for keeping sand and salt from your mobile phone.

How To Remove Sand From Your Phone

Accidents happen. If your phone got in contact with the sand, there are some quick fixes that you can do before sending it to the technician.

Turn Off Your Mobile Phone

If the sand gets into your phone, the first thing you should do is to turn it off. A phone will less likely to malfunction if it is turned off. Also, if your leave your phone turned on, your battery might be affected and you will totally mess up your phone.

Use a Compressed Air

After turning it off, find compressed air to blow out the sand from your phone. Compressed air is used as a tool for fixing minor issues on a phone. This can be bought in almost every computer and phone repair shop.

Use a Vacuum

Using a vacuum will reverse the airflow and give way for the sand to get repelled out of your phone. It is appropriate to use a vacuum with a small detailing so it can go over the small openings of your phone. 

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