How To Fix Phone Lag

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The first time you buy a smartphone, it is always in its best state and works fluently no matter if it’s an entry-level or mid-range level smartphone. However, after some time, you will notice some changes. In 6-8 months, the smartphone starts to get slow and lag. Why is that so?

Why is my phone so laggy?

No matter the brand of your phone, lagging devices are a cause of frustration. For gamers, it disrupts their attacks and fights. Everyone hates it because a reboot on the device may be needed to remove the lags and speed up the device again. Most of the time, android devices are the victims of lags although there are instances when the users are the ones causing lags to their devices. Here are some ideas on why you tend to experience lags on your phone.

Resource-Hungry Apps

Resource-hungry apps that are running in the background will not just consume your battery but also keeps your phone laggy. Things like push notifications, live widget feeds and background syncs will ultimately hinder other activities on your phone. At times, some applications on your phone are being compromised.

Too Many Apps Are Running in the Background

One of the reasons for a performance dip of your phone is the number of apps running in the background. Have you recently opened an application and just simply touched the home button without actually closing the app? Minimizing the app still keeps it running in the background. As it consumes your battery, it also initiates lags on your phone.

Memory Full

Most apps perform poorly once your phone’s memory is full. Also, when your phone’s memory is maxed out, you cannot update your existing apps which cause lags on your end.

Not Installing System Updates

System Updates help address the current issues that you encountered on your phone. That being said, these updates will help you remove lags and freezes. Therefore, it is important to install system updates whenever it prompts on your phone.

Not Closing A Game

Mobile phone games eat up a lot of your battery and device’s memory. After playing a game, see to it that you close down the app so as not to affect the performance of your phone while running other apps.

Fix phone lag

How to fix phone lags?

You don’t have to be techy to solve lag problems on your phone. Just a few fixes will do.

Cause: Resource-Hungry Apps

Solution: Identify these resource-hungry apps that remain in the background until you close them down totally. If you are having a tough time looking for the apps that cause the lag, you can install several apps to help point out the application that keeps on freezing and lagging your phone.

Cause: Too Many Apps Are Running in the Background

Solution: Most modern phones nowadays are more advanced as they have on their settings an option to disable an app to keep it from running in the background. Another solution is to keep your apps in hibernation. When an app is in hibernation mode, it will only wake up once you tap on it and it will perform normally again.

Cause: Memory Full

Solution: When your phone’s memory becomes full, it starts to malfunction and lag. In this case, you must avoid hitting the 80% mark on your storage capacity to avoid freezes and lags. It is also highly recommended to clean up your phone from time to time and delete apps that you don’t usually use.

Cause: Not Installing System Updates

Solution: System updates normally help resolve existing issues. Therefore, if you don’t install it upon request, you will end up with a laggy phone.

Cause: Not Closing A Game

Solution: Phone games eat up your phone’s battery and memory. In this case, it is right to close them out properly as soon as it ends. Don’t just minimize the app, it will still run in the background.

How do I clean the RAM on my phone?

Regularly cleaning your phone’s RAM will help you skip all the possible troubles on your phone like lags and freezing. One of the best ways to clean your phone’s RAM is through the help of a third-party cleaner. This utility app cleans the phone’s storage and provides overall optimization of your phone, thus enhancing the performance of your operating system.

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