How To Dial Landline Using Mobile Phone?

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Nowadays, one of the most important things in your life is your mobile phone. To most people, the first thing they check in the morning is their mobile phones. With it, you are able to communicate with people no matter where they are. Gone were the days when calls are only made through landlines and telephones. Thanks to the advancement of technology that we have today, we are able to experience a more convenient way of communicating with any person from different parts of the world.

Telephones are the main mode of communication before mobile phones were created. However, landlines or fixed lines are still around the corner and are being used especially in households and offices. Because of this, it is also important that you know how to call a landline number from your phone. Fortunately, network providers now allow calls from landlines to mobile phones and vice versa.

However, calling a landline isn’t that simple at all. Normally, with mobile phones, you will just go to your contacts or dialer to call someone. But with a landline number, you will have to enter the area code before your call gets pushed through. Different places have different area codes.

But what is an area code? An area code is part of a telephone number that indicates the wide area where the phone call is based. This can be found just before the local number. Usually, you don’t have to include this number when calling someone that’s within the same area. In the United States, an area code can be found before the seven-digit number. 

How do you call a landline from a mobile?

Most people in the United States rely on mobile phones as these devices are more convenient than telephones. However, landline services are still widely available in the US, and the services there are excellent. The telephone system in the country has long been handed over to private companies. Companies like SBC, Verizon, and Bell South are responsible for the phone system. Long-distance companies include Frontier, Sprint, CenturyLink, Verizon, and AT&T.

There is an assigned area code in each telephone number. When calling a telephone number that has the same area code, it is considered a local call. If the area code is different, then you are making a long-distance call.

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Can I make landline calls from my mobile?

Although mobile phones are the ones widely used nowadays, landline phones are still being used in houses and offices. If you have a mobile phone and are planning to call a landline, it is possible and the call can still go through. In some countries, you may have to pay additional fees when calling a telephone from your mobile phone. There are also toll-free numbers that you can call free of charge.

Toll-free calls have prefixes like 844, 855, 888, 877, and 800. They may appear like area codes but they are actually toll-free numbers. When you dial these phone numbers, you won’t be charged for the call. Instead, the answering party will be the one to pay, and applicable even with payphones. Currently, there are a lot of companies who use these numbers because it is more convenient for customers to contact them with regard to their services and products.

How do I call a landline in the Philippines?

Whether you are a business owner, a traveler, or an entrepreneur who wants to do business in the Philippines, at some point in time, you may have to call a telephone number in the Philippines. But there’s nothing much to worry about, calling a number in the Philippines while you are in the United States isn’t that complicated at all. However, you need to follow a couple of steps to get through your call.

First, you have to enter the exit code which is 011 then the country code. The Philippines ’ country code is 63. This time, you will need to enter the area code and the rest of the phone number that you will be calling. Make sure that you know the exact number of the person you are calling to avoid trouble. Just like that, you can call someone from the Philippines.

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