Why My Phone Factory Reset Itself

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Have you ever encountered a situation in which your phone did a factory reset on its own? The thought of your phone restarting on its own is already awful, much more if it reset into its original factory setting. But what is a factory reset?

A factory reset is when your phone returns to its original condition, particularly the time when you first bought it. During a factory reset, the data on your phone will be erased including your personal information. Therefore, if you are going to sell or give your phone to somebody else, it is recommended to do a factory reset so as not to compromise your personal information.

However, if you are keeping your phone for personal use, it will be very alarming if it gets reset all the time. If your phone does this, it will be hard for you to keep photos and videos because they will be deleted during the reset. Your saved data and personal information like passwords and other important details will be wiped out from your phone. The applications installed on your phone will also be deleted without your permission.

Therefore, if you are encountering these circumstances with your phone, one of the first things that you need to do is identify the culprit behind the automatic factory reset of your phone. This way, you can stop it and prevent further data loss on your phone.

Why did my phone factory reset itself?

It’s sad to think that these instances still happen despite the advancement in technology that we have nowadays. Knowing that your phone deleted all the information, data, and application that you installed is just catastrophic.

One of the reasons why a phone resets itself to factory default is due to bad apps that are loaded with harmful viruses. As you download these apps, you are also installing viruses and malware into your phone. This doesn’t just endanger your private information but also triggers malfunction on your phone including automatic reset. Although your phone is reset to its factory default, the malware will remain on your phone and will continue to pry on your information.

There are also instances in which the owner of the mobile phone accidentally taps the reset button while scanning the settings of the phone. In some cases, the owner may be new to the interface of the phone and tapped the wrong button resulting in resetting into the factory default. You must be careful when dealing with a new phone since a small tap might result in deleting the phone’s content all at once.

Setting of a phone for factory reset

How do I stop my phone from factory resetting?

If your phone has been reset, there’s no way you can undo your actions. Once the data on your phone is erased, you can never get it back, unless you have backed it up into another media storage.

After knowing the reason for the automatic reset of your phone, it is time to prevent it from happening again. To avoid installing applications that are infused with malware and viruses, the best thing to do is to download only from reliable sources like the Apple Store and Google Playstore. Downloading apps from external sources is harmful because these websites are home to scammers and illegal activities that will try to harm your device and take your private information. It is very important to be wary of the website before you download the apps. Is it reliable? Is it the official website of the app that you want to be installed on your phone? Ask these questions and try to limit the number of apps from dubious websites. As much as possible, you can download a virus and malware scanner into your phone that will automatically scan each application that gets installed on your phone.

Can you accidentally factory reset your phone?

In some instances, it is possible that you accidentally factory reset your phone. This could happen especially if you just bought the phone and you are yet to get accustomed to the interface of your phone. Try to be careful when pressing and tapping buttons on your phone before you really get used to it. There are also a lot of YouTube videos nowadays that will teach you some tips and tricks on using your phone without compromising its content.

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