Why Is My Phone Charging Backwards - Quick Fixes That You Can Try At Home

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The frustration you feel upon seeing your phone charging and yet the battery level isn’t increasing. Have you ever experienced that? What’s more frustrating is that you plug in your phone throughout the night expecting to see a fully-charged phone in the morning, only to see that the battery isn’t full even though it has indicated that it is charging. A number of questions go into your mind and you start to worry about the cost that you have to shoulder for it to be fixed.

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There are two main reasons why your phone is not charging – it might be because of the hardware or the phone’s software. But, before you start looking for a new phone, you must be aware of how your phone ended up in that state.

Bad Battery

One of the main reasons that your phone isn’t charging is due to a bad battery. Your battery is too damaged that it repels electricity even when it is plugged in. Most likely, your battery life will degrade over time because every time you charge, your battery will somehow lose a particular percentage of its overall charging capability.

Another reason for a bad battery is the charger of your phone. But then again, no matter the type of charger, if the battery isn’t charging, it will remain unchanged no matter what charger you use. It all boils down to the battery weakness that prevents it from totally holding onto the current, thus, it discharges even as the current flows in.

Faulty Motherboard

Another reason to look out for is the motherboard of your phone. This complex board is made up of small pieces and parts of cells inside your phone. It regulates a couple of activities in your phone including the charging. There are a couple of reasons that result in a faulty motherboard and one of these is excessive use of the phone causing the temperature to rise. Even a small glitch in the motherboard can create a huge problem with your phone.

Damages Cable

You must also check the charging cables if you see that your phone is charging backward. There are currently a lot of cables that aren’t that reliable nowadays. As much as possible, try another charging cable as this might be the solution for your problem in charging your phone.

Defects in the Charging Port

Another thing that prevents the external current from flowing is the charging port. With less grip on the port junction, you will also have less current sensitivity. Because of that, the charging port will only receive the current because you plug in the cable but the battery percentage won’t increase.

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How do I fix phone not charging

You might not need to completely buy a new phone in case it doesn’t charge at all. There are quick fixes that might offer you some help. This includes buying a new charger or a new battery for your phone. As your phone age, the charging style of your battery also degrades. If this happens, you may experience a glitch on your phone as your battery has already outlived its durability. You now have to purchase a new one. If there are defects in your charger, you might also want to buy a new one. Visiting a phone technician might also be helpful. They may offer you reliable options to fix the problem with your phone.

Why is my phone charging but not increasing?

There are numerous reasons why your phone is charging but the battery percentage isn’t increasing. This might be because of a bad battery, a faulty motherboard, defects in the charging cable, and more.

Why does my battery decrease while charging?

If your phone’s battery is decreasing while charging instead of gaining power, you might want to change your phone’s battery or your charger. Check for defects on your charging hub or the cables that connect your phone and the charging port. If the motherboard of your phone is the one responsible for its inability to charge, you might need to contact a reliable phone technician to do the job. After all, it would be a great hassle to use power banks from time to time just because your phone isn’t charging the same way that other phones do.

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