What Should You Do When Phone is Hacked?

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You noticed that something seems to be off. Your phone might be losing more power than usual or it turns on and off on its own. There are instances in which you receive calls that you haven’t dialed or had a spike in your data usage. These signs shouldn’t be neglected because this could mean that your smartphone is hacked. At first glance, you might think that these are only technical issues. When in fact, it is more than that.

Amidst the advancement of technology nowadays, there are still loopholes that allow criminals to gain access to your phone and your personal information stored in your phone. Thankfully, the signs mentioned above indicate that your phone is hacked and being viewed by another party. These symptoms represent a deeper problem or malware has been installed into your smartphone. Malware is a common culprit in these incidents and it is quite easy to acquire. It damages your apps and operating system causing you to experience lags and breaches of privacy.

What should you do when your phone is hacked?

Once your phone is hacked, your identity and privacy are all compromised. Unfortunately, average mobile phone users wouldn’t notice the first few signs of hacking until the latter phase. In this case, when you notice that there are unusual activities on your phone, you can start by installing a reliable antivirus. Using this antivirus, you can eliminate the malware on your device. It will uproot the malware and your data will be protected. After removing the malware, it will protect your account from the same attack to keep your phone from hackers.

Who do I contact if my phone is hacked?

If the hacker took something important from you like your mobile banking password and pin, the best thing to do is to ask the assistance of your local police. You may also report the hacking incident to your cell phone provider because they can give you reliable advice on what to do over this matter.

Can you get rid of a hacker on your phone from hacking it again?

Phone security is really important nowadays. As technology advances, personal information is starting to get digitalized and easily accessed on mobile. Since technology is fast evolving, it is just right to be more vigilant and improve the protection of your phone.

If you previously experienced being hacked, the first thing you should do after recovering your data and privacy is to install an antivirus that can protect you from hackers trying to access your private information.

Phone is Hacked

Will resetting the phone remove hackers?

Another thing you can do to remove malware from your phone before you install an antivirus is to reset it to factory default. The majority of malware nowadays can be removed once you reset your phone to factory default. But before you reset your phone, it’s better to create a backup because resetting your phone will wipe out existing data like notes, phones, videos, contacts, and others on your device.

Can someone hack your phone just by knowing your number?

No matter how advanced we are when it comes to technology and other resources, it is still impossible to hack a phone through your number only. The only way that hackers can get a hold of your personal information is through malware or phishing.

Do changing passwords stop hackers?

Yes. Eventually, changing the password from time to time will prevent hackers from accessing your phone and your social media accounts. If you notice something strange, change your password immediately to keep the hacker from performing an additional attack on your account. It is also recommended not to use past passwords.

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