How To Write An Article on Mobile Phone

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Being online for some time makes you understand that content marketing helps businesses and websites in so many ways. First, it helps in increasing the website traffic, and secondly, it helps you save money compared to the traditional way of advertising. In an article released by Hubspot, it says that when you increase your blogging frequency, more traffic and leads will go to your website. There are so many advantages of article writing, the more reason for its growing popularity.

The main reason for doing a business is to gain profits. When you outsource regular content into experienced copywriters, you may be getting more sales and leads. Outsourcing gives you more content compared to the number of articles that you can make yourself and they are experts in leading visitors to your site through an effective call to action and links.

But what will you do if you are placed in a situation where you cannot write on your laptop or computer and the only thing that you have is a mobile phone? You have an urgent article to make and you do not want to disappoint your client over late submission. What else can you do? Use your mobile phone.

Yes, you can use your mobile phone to write an article. It is possible to do it even with other gadgets like your tablet. Although it wouldn’t offer you the same comfort as writing on your computer, you can still accomplish your tasks and keep up with the deadline. But first, you must know the type of apps that must be installed on your phone to be able to effectively write an article on a mobile phone.

How Do You Write On a Mobile Phone?

You can successfully write an article on your mobile phone if you have these powerful apps. It will lessen the hassle and still be able to produce high-quality articles.

Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Keep

This office suite is powerful even when you are just using a smartphone. Simply by having these apps on your phone, you can gain access to the word processor Google Docs, note-taking app Google Keep and cloud storage Google Drive. For writers, this can be considered an excellent set of apps to help you write proficiently even with your mobile phone.

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Grammarly Keyboard

Ideally, it is really hard to type on a virtual keyboard. Much more if it is for submission to your client. However, if it is unavoidable, you must ensure that your device has a Grammarly Keyboard which is appropriate for writers. Its basic features are also free of charge. This app can do basic checking like auto-correction and it also helps you with your grammar. Grammarly will help spot grammar issues and also offer possible corrections to those issues.

Microsoft Word, OneNote and OneDrive

Similar to Google Drive, Microsoft Office is also a great app for writers using a mobile phone. This app can be accessed on all of your devices. If you have been writing for some time now, you probably know about Microsoft Word. It can be downloaded into your phone and accessed on as many devices as you want. You simply need to sign in to save your documents. Microsoft Office is quite famous considering that it is a native desktop app for Windows and now, it can be used on mobile phones. There is a free version that you can also use.

Is It Easy To Write An Article On A Mobile Phone?

If you are used to writing articles on your laptop or computer, you may find it hard to adjust during your first few tries to write articles on a mobile phone. However, if you have several apps installed on your phone that are also installed on your laptop, you will have a sense of familiarity. Somehow, you will find it easy to write an article with your phone.

Can I Use My Phone To Do Online Writing?

Yes, you can use your phone for online writing. However, if you want to easily accomplish your writing job, it is better to use a computer or laptop. After all, the screen of your phone is too small and you will find it a hassle to zoom in and out to check for spelling and grammatical errors. 

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