How To Properly Charge Your Phone For The First Time

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Did you recently buy a new phone? Most people, once they acquire a new phone usually have the urge to take the best care of it. As much as possible, you want to maintain its physical features and its battery life as well. But to maintain good battery life, there are common beliefs that you need to charge your new phone a couple of hours before finally using it. If this is true, how should you charge your phone for the first time?

How to properly charge your phone for the first time?

Upon purchasing your phone, the seller will usually advise you to fully charge your phone before using it? However, it is a common belief that you need to charge it for 8-12 hours before using it, even if it’s already fully charged. This is actually true in the era when nickel batteries are still widely being used. However, since most phones nowadays use lithium-ion batteries, you don’t necessarily need to follow this practice.

How long should I charge a new phone for the first time?

You do not need to charge your new phone for 8-10 hours to promote long battery life. That is only applicable to cellphones using nickel batteries. To promote the best battery life of your phone, read these facts.

Partially Charging Your Phone is a Good Habit

Believe it or not, but with lithium battery-operated phones, partially charging your phone is actually a good habit to promote good battery life. Lithium batteries use constant current and are capable of operating under low voltage when it is almost empty. As the cell charges up, the voltage will slowly increase and levels off when it reaches 70% charge.

Don’t Do Idle Charging

Don’t keep your phone charging even if it reaches 100%. When lithium batteries are at 100%, it promotes higher stress voltage and creates excess heat which causes overheating. More importantly, high temperatures stress your phone’s battery then it losses capacity.

What percent should you charge your phone?

The golden rule when charging a phone is to do it around 20% to 90%. Overnight charging is highly discouraged because this will result in your batteries aging a bit faster. Instead, you can charge in the morning when you can monitor the battery percentage.

For some phones like iOS devices, there’s a shortcut app that sets a notification whenever the battery hits a certain level. You can do this if you go to “Automation” and then tap “Battery Level”.

Charge Your Phone For The First Time

You can do this once in a while but definitely not every time. There are some recommendations of other users in which you charge a full zero phones to 100% once every month to re-calibrate your phone’s battery. This is life restarting your PC. You can also do frequent, small charges. Top up frequently to improve the battery life of your phone.

How do I keep my battery healthy?

Charging frequently is quite troublesome especially if you are away from home, on vacation, or just couldn’t get a hold of a power socket. To get the most of the battery life of your Android phone, you can follow these steps.

  • Make your screen turn off sooner.
  • Lower the screen brightness.
  • Set your phone’s brightness to automatic.
  • Don’t turn on your keyboard vibrations and sounds.
  • Restrict apps that consume a lot of battery.
  • Activate battery optimization or Adaptive Battery.
  • Remove unused accounts.
  • If there are battery issues, make sure to take care of them as soon as possible.

 Can I use my phone while charging?

Contrary to the beliefs, using your phone while it’s charging offers no danger. However, if you notice your phone becoming warm as it charges, you might want to consult with your local technician. 

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