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A cell phone in Terraria is a tool that allows you to return to your home at will and it also displays everything like weather, fishing power, elevation, moon phase, time, movement speed, distance from the center of the world, current DPS, rare creatures, the total number of kills, and the total number of enemies near the players. Similar to the Magic Mirror, a Cell Phone is also capable of teleporting you to your home. However, in Terraria, crafting a cellphone is so complex that it uses 13 base items and additional 7 crafting operations.

A cell phone doesn’t work as an accessory in Terraria, unlike other informational items in the game. It won’t be used as accessory slots too. Instead, it functions as an ordinary inventory slot of a player and is placed into the tool category. The cell phone information is also hidden while on the inventory screen. Instead, you will see an icon that displays the information type and each of them is clickable if you choose to see it on the display or not.

To Craft a cell phone in Terraria, you will need ingredients like PDA and Ice Mirror or PDA and Magic Mirror. Then, you can craft the cell phone at the Tinkerer’s Workshop. You can create a cell phone by combining 13 items with its original constituent are Fisherman’s Pocket Guide, Compass, Gold watch or Platinum Watch, Depth Meter, Lifeform Analyzer, DPS Meter, Ice Mirror or Magic Mirror, Radar, Metal Detector, Tally Counter, Sextant, Weather Radio, and Stopwatch.

To obtain a cell phone in Terraria, you need to be patient as this tool is powerful and versatile at the same time. Some of its ingredients like Angler’s quest items and Metal Detector can be very hard to find. But there are also ingredients that are easily found and quite common. If you are looking for a Metal Detector, you can easily find it in Master Mode or Expert Mode from Nymphs because there’s a 100% chance that they drop it.

What is Terraria?

Terraria was produced by Whitney Spinks and was released on May 16, 2011. It is an action-adventure sandbox game that was first made available for Microsoft Windows. Over the years, this game has been adapted to different platforms. Some of the game features include painting, building, exploration, crafting, and combat over a variety of creatures in the 2D world. Basically, Terraria received good reviews and was praised for its sandbox elements. In 2020, the game sold more than 35 million copies.

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In the game lore, the World of Terraria was created by gods to grant fairness among all beings. However, Cthulhu is a creature who came to the world to run amok and create destruction. This creature has immeasurable power prompting Dryads to come to the world to stop Cthulhu. Although Dryads were not able to completely destroy Cthulhu they were able to stop him from raining destruction. They rip off his brain, eyes, and some parts of his skeleton. Cthulhu retreated to the moon. However, there is a lunatic cult that is trying to bring back Cthulhu and kidnap the Old Man and the Mechanic to pursue their goals.

How do you make an aglet in Terraria?

Aglet is another powerful accessory in Terraria. It can be found in Chests, Pearlwood Crates, and Wooden Crates. This accessory is capable of increasing the movement of the player by 5%. Aglet also offers extra boosts that are very useful when you encounter a character who has an Anklet of the Wind.  

How do you summon the queen bee in Terraria?

A Queen Bee in Terraria can be summoned after you break the Larva that is found inside Bee Hives at the Underground Jungle. They also appear when you use Abeemination when inside the Jungle. It is a pre-Hardmode boss.

There are three distinct attack patterns of a Queen Bee. She can level herself horizontally and goes back and forth thrice when attempting to ram the player. The Queen Bee can also spawn Bees to attack the player. She could summon 18, 12, or 6 bees. Just like Hornets, a Queen Bee can fire poisonous stingers directed at the player. During this time, she is capable of alternating between positioning herself to swoop the player or hovering above the player. 

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