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Have you heard of a cell phone jammer? Have you thought of making one for your personal use? Cell phone jammers are electronic devices that are capable of blocking the transmission of radiofrequency signals from the cell phone into the base station. Also known as mobile phone blockers, these tools effectively disable a cell phone within a certain range that a jammer can pick up. Because of that, you cannot receive signals or transmit the signal to its base station.

There is no limit as to where you can use a jammer because it is capable of functioning in any location. However, cell phone jammers are particularly found in locations where the use of cell phones is considered to be disruptive because the place needs profound silence. An example of such places is entertainment venues.

Due to its main purpose of blocking the operations and phone services, phone jammers are prohibited in a lot of places and many jurisdictions are considering the use of it illegal particularly if the user is without a license. If phone jammers become operational, they can even block emergency services which are quite appalling.

If you are planning to create a cell phone jammer, you have to ensure that you are adept in the different advancements of technology, the processes that involve in it, and the patience to follow the timeframe required to finish the jammer. For starters, you can use the formula – F=1/(2*pi*sqrt(L1*C1)). Other components that are required for the creation of the cell phone jammer include a resistor R1 which is used for Emitter Loading, Resistor R2 used for Base Biasing, Capacitor C1 used for Frequency Generator, Capacitor C2 used for Feedback, Capacitor C3 used for Feedback, Capacitor C4 used for noise reduction, Capacitor C5 used for coupling, Capacitor C6 used for Coupling, Capacitor C7 used for Decoupling, Transistor Q1 used for Amplification, and Inductor L1 used for Frequency Generation.

Take note that this type of circuit is only capable of blocking radio frequency signals within the first 100-meter radius. However, the use of this cell phone jammer is considered illegal in almost all countries across the world. This type of circuit can be used in remote-controlled toys as well as TV transmission. If you think that the circuit isn’t working accordingly, you can try to increase the values of the capacitors and resistors and use the formula F=1/(2*pi*sqrt (L*C)).

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Is there a cell phone jammer app?

If you search the internet, you will notice that it is full of jammer apps claiming that they can effectively block cell phone signals without interrupting other services near you. However, there is no such thing as a cell phone jammer app. The best way to acquire a cell phone jammer is to create one on your own or buy from a trusted dealer. But an application that is installed on the mobile phone that blocks signals isn’t available at all.

How do I block the cell phone signal?

If you find yourself greatly in need of a cell phone jammer then it’s time to create one or purchase it online. Most cellphone jammers are easy to use and turn on after pressing a few keys. When you turn on the device, the cell phone jammer will automatically block radio frequency signals. On the phone, it will show as a low signal, and other people, will not know that their signals are being jammed. Most jammers nowadays have a rechargeable battery that can last up to 2 hours of continuous use. There are also jammers that can be charged on cars thanks to their car adapters.

When using cell phone jammers, you must always be careful because they are illegal in some places. Using it in restaurants and movie theaters is sometimes okay but if you are near a scene of an accident, you might block the signal that is used in making emergency calls. If you are using a cell phone jammer near hospitals, you can also interfere with the equipment used for saving a life. Currently, there are different rules in different states that mandate the use of these devices. Most of the time, stronger cell phone jammers are only sold to government agencies.

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