How To Link CCTV To Mobile Phone

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Closed Circuit Television, also known as a security camera or CCTV is very important nowadays, especially for houses and establishments. It gives you protection and peace of mind, as though there is an extra pair of eyes that looks over your surroundings. Over the years, there is a huge demand for CCTVs to be used not just by business establishments by also local households.

Why do you need CCTV? It is important to understand the usefulness of CCTVs before you install one in your area. It helps you oversee your employees and cash registers and it is effective in preventing shoplifting if you are handling a business. For houses and personal space, it helps protect your loved ones and your premises. It also keeps an eye on unwanted visitors that may roam around your home.

Installing a CCTV camera is very practical nowadays and it gives you the upper hand when it comes to safety. Whether you are a business owner or a person that’s very particular about keeping the safety of the family, CCTVs do a fantastic job.

Thanks to the modern technology that we have nowadays, CCTV footage can now be seen on your mobile phone. Before, you can only see CCTV footage after you insert the SD card into the computer or through a monitor linked to the CCTV. Nowadays, it is way more convenient, and seeing over the activities in your home or business is no hassle.

All you have to do is to link your CCTV to your mobile phone and you can now see everything that the CCTV sees. Normally, there is an instruction that goes along the package when you purchase a CCTV. You simply need to follow the instructions and you’re good to go.

The process is quite easy. You just need to install a certain app on your phone. This app is connected to CCTV through the Internet. After installing the app, you have to register an account. When adding a device to your account, make sure that you are connected to the Wi-Fi. On the home screen of the app, you will find ‘+’ or add a device. Tap it and add the CCTV. Sometimes, the user manual provides a QR code to easily add the device into the app. That’s it. You can now start seeing the premises covered by your CCTV.

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How can I see CCTV live on mobile?

Because of the advancement in technology, CCTV footage can now be seen on mobile phones. The process is also quite easy and less demanding. The biggest advantage of monitoring the CCTV footage on your mobile phone is its added features. You can easily adjust settings remotely, arm or disarm motion sensors and switch from recording to streaming. Some of the most modern CCTV systems even have two-way voice communication that allows you to communicate easily.

Aside from the added features, it is known to all that monitoring the footage through your mobile phones is very convenient which allows you to be in more places at one time. This is advantageous to individuals who want to monitor activities in multiple places.

To add to the advantages of mobile CCTV monitoring, it is also cost-effective for those people who have businesses because it decreases the need to hire specialized security personnel or the overall manpower.

How can I connect my CCTV camera to my phone without the Internet?

It might be impossible to see the footage from your CCTV on your mobile phone without the Internet. The transmission of these images is all possible with the help of the internet. Therefore, without it, there will be problems in transmitting the footage.

However, there’s still a way to look at the footage of your CCTV without the Internet. But the process might be a bit of a hassle. First, you need to insert an SD card into your CCTV because it will store footage for later viewing. Then, you will have to remove the SD card from your CCTV when you want to watch the footage. Insert the SD card into the SD slot of your computer and you will gain access to the footage.

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