How To Fix Phone Not Charging

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It’s another tiring day at work. You are finally going to be home and charge your almost battery-empty phone. But when you plugged in your phone at a power source, you were shocked to find out that it isn’t charging at all! Normally, you’d freak out. But don’t get troubled just yet. Check out how your phone ended up in this state and find quick solutions to your problem.

Check the charging cable

The first thing you should check is the charging cable. Is it in good condition? If you are using this accessory for quite some time now, it should have some wear and tear, after all, phone cables are subject to a lot of torture since you carry them in different places. There are times when cables are tangled because you just simply threw them into your bag. These things contribute to its current condition. Try to use another cable if you see some bends, rips, and cuts on your current cable.

Check the adapter

The adapter or the wall charger has similar importance as the phone’s charging cable. Inspect your adapter for possible damages such as bents and cracks. Just to be sure, use it with other devices to check if it is really working or not.

Check the charging port

Another important part of your cellphone is the charging port. It is the window where the electricity goes through. Most of the time, aside from the phone’s charging, the culprit behind the phone’s inability to charge is the charging port. Check the charging port for any small debris and dirt that are tightly locked inside. Even a small amount of dirt in your charging port can ultimately affect the charging of your phone. Also, because of excessive usage, charging ports can also get worn out. Check for some signs of corrosion in the charging port as this will indicate if the charging port is still in good condition.

Try charging from a different power source

If you think that there’s something wrong with the power source, try plugging in another device on it. If the outlet has gone bad or there are electrical problems, it won’t charge your phone or any other things that you plug into it. There are also power sources that are weak. If you find these issues in your power source, try to charge from a different source inside your house. This might fix your charging problem.

Fix Phone Not Charging

How do I know if my charger port is damaged?

The charging port is a very important part of your phone. As much as possible, you must not let it get in contact with small debris or dirt. You also need to be careful when charging as the port and the pins inside it are easily damaged. When your charging port is damaged, you cannot charge your mobile phone. To check if there are damages to your charging port, there are several signs that you must be wary about.

Lose charging port

Have you noticed your charging port feeling loose? Do you need to hold your phone at a certain angle just so it can start charging? If this always happens to you, then there’s a tendency that your charging port is loose.

Broken pins inside charging ports

When the pins inside your charging ports are broken or bent, it won’t achieve correct charging. If this happens to your phone, it is best to take it to the phone technician.

Why my phone is charging slowly?

It is really frustrating to see your phone charging very slowly. Although you’ve plugged it in for a couple of hours, the battery level is still low. If this happens to you, there are a couple of things that you can do to increase the amount of energy that gets into the phone.

First and one of the main reasons for a slow charging phone is the wrong charger. When you purchase a mobile phone, it always comes with a charger and this charger is perfectly compatible with your phone. However, if the original charger gets broken, you might be forced to use another charger. That’s the time when the charging gets slow. As much as possible, use only the official charger of your phone.

Another reason why your phone is charging too slow is when you use it even though it’s plugged in. Apps in your phone are continuously using the energy that’s being injected into your phone. This is the reason why your phone is charging slowly than it normally does. Also, using your phone while charging can heat up your phone, which may cause overheating. 

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