How To Cheat A Slot Machine With A Cell Phone

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If you’ve been to a casino, you will see different slot machines to choose from. If you’ve played online casinos, you won’t find it difficult to see a slot machine. Slot machines are easy to use. You just need to press a button and it will spin and stop. If you get lucky, you will win a prize. If you don’t, then you can just spin again.

The use of slot machines can be traced back to the 19th century. The very first slot machine was developed in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt, a New York-based company. A lot of these machines are found in bars and you will have to pay a nickel to play a game. Nowadays, slot machines are operated the same. You have to pay first and wish that the odds will be with you.

But with the advancement of technology that we have nowadays, the game of slots can now be found online or through your mobile phone. There are slot machines that pay you real cash while others only offer virtual cash that you can exchange for game upgrades. Since slot machines are popular, more people are aiming for real cash and finding ways to cheat the machine for unlimited cash flow. But is it possible?

Some people believe that there are really legitimate ways to cheat a slot machine. Imagine winning every time you spin the wheel? You can pocket a whole bunch of money if this really happens! However, the process is tough and some believe that it is just too good to be true.

How do you trick a slot machine?

The process of tricking a slot machine is not entirely impossible, not unless you are a game developer who has good knowledge of how slot machines work. Naturally, slot machines are designed by developers to present high-quality gameplay while being audited and monitored all the time. There are also independent testing agencies such as Gaming Labs International that monitor the activity of a slot machine to make sure that players are not created by the developers and that developers are doing their part to make sure that every game is cheat-free.

But if you are a talented developer and know the ins and outs of a slot machine, you will certainly become profitable in no time. Just like the infamous Ronald Dale Harris, an engineer who cheated slots. He knew exactly how to manipulate the slots because he was able to rig the codes and use them to his advantage. Unfortunately, the illegal activities of Harris were busted following a huge win.

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How do you hack a slot machine and win every time?

There are several developers who have claimed the secret code to winning from a slot machine every gameplay. Although these hacks produce good outcomes at times, the chances of them being favorable remain low. Currently, there are no proven ways to cheat a slot machine and win for every spin.

Do slots machines pay more at night?

If you cannot find the cheat to win a slot machine every spin, it’s time to find the most favorable time to play the game. Some say that playing at night offers more chances of winning while others are hesitant to believe because they are actually reaping some wins throughout the day.

It is said that playing at night, amidst the crowded casinos allows you to reap more jackpots. During the night, many people flock to the casino until the late hours of dawn. These are the perfect time to play slots because the pay is different if you compare it with slot games played during the daytime.

Meanwhile, as you play slot machines, it is advisable to always take the bonus when playing a slot machine. With bonus games, if you get lucky, you can win more than your usual wins on normal gameplay. Fortunately, slot machines are loaded with bonuses which makes it more exciting and your wins are somehow guaranteed. Hit the jackpot and you will win tons of money that you can use for another round. Slot machines are indeed the easiest way to earn and it is loaded with exciting prizes.

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