Huawei Ideos X2 – Standard smartphone, still stuck on Android 2.1

At a cost of Rs 8.9 k, the Ideos X2 offers a quite good display, excellent battery life, certain touchscreen reaction and a strong develop quality. As well as that is a large issue, considering that there are a whole lot of competitors out there that will provide the Android 2.2 (Froyo) package for a comparable cost.
A lot of major phone manufacturers are banking heavily on budget plan Android cell phones, around the Rs 10k price brace. Samsung launched a few phones around that rate earlier this year. Currently, Huawei Ideos X2 chooses to land straight in the center of this pack, merely as they were settling up for battle!
Feel and look
The Huawei Ideos X2 does look very good, and really feels very solid, even though it is plastic all about. The back panel has the camera, as well as what is actually impressive is the slide out mechanism for the battery cover, something that a whole lot of phones do not have.
Something which is a pretty large dissatisfaction with the phone is that it is still on Android 2.1 as well as not been upgraded to 2.2 like most rivals have. Not only will the Ideos X2 proprietors feel that their phone is poor in regards to the OS variation, yet also does not have features like Wi-Fi hotspot and the far better battery life which 2.2 offers. Agreed that this phone has a good battery life already, but the small 1150 mAh battery would certainly have done a lot much better with Froyo.
For an Android smartphone phone that is valued here Rs 10k, the Ideos X2 does a pretty good job. While that is very fundamental specs sensible, the top quality is quite good.
Given that this is a 3.2-inch display, making use of the on-screen key-board was constantly going to be a bit of a concern, at least in portrait method. This is a compromise you will certainly have to live with, if a smaller sized screen (less compared to a 4-inch one, we imply) is something you want.
Efficiency sensible, the Ideos X2 does pretty well. This isn’t a slow phone, despite the fact that we had actually installed a couple of apps on the phone, as well as were running several of them concurrently too. If even more compared to a handful of these are open, the UI will certainly see a small stagnation. Taking into consideration the price this phone is readily available for, the efficiency is really excellent.
It is an instance of two fifty percents, as far as call quality is worried. The quantity, on the earpiece and also the speaker is good, yet the moment it is set past about 50 %, the clarity sees a stable decline. You might simply have to ask the other individual to talk a little bit louder, instead of punch up the quantity on your phone!
Also prior to we made use of the video camera, we had a sneaky feeling that the efficiency wasn’t going to be quite great. While the colour deepness is good, the noise is what ruins the photos quite a bit.
This one isn’t really in the league of the HTC Feeling, even though it is a pretty old variation on the Wildfire. The display size restriction on the Ideos indicates you could not place also numerous widgets on one screen.
We were shocked to see a tiny 1150-mAh battery in the phone. We say that since that is pretty much the standard these days, and we have come a long way from the 5 day data backup provided by the Nokia phones in those days!